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Are you involved in the conversation? The conversation about your company? Your products? Your industry?

Chances are, that conversation is happening right now on the web, and it is happening with or without you. That conversation is taking place on website forums, social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as niche sites dedicated to your industry. Youtube probably has videos that people watch every day about your products and services. Or maybe they are about your competitor instead?

You probably already have a website. You may already have a marketing DVD. Both have worked great for you for the last 5 years. So why should you change things now?

Because everything around you has changed.

Traditionally, print, broadcast, traditional cold calling, and word of mouth have driven businesses to success. A website was a glorified brochure.

Now, a website and web video content have become the driving force behind successful marketing programs, designed to drive people to you. Broadcast and print have become more about creating brand recognition, or as methods to drive people to your website, where the potential customer has the opportunity to educate themselves about you, your services, and your products.  Word of mouth is still one of the most important segments of a successful company's growth , but has expanded into cyber "word of mouth" through social network tools such as Facebook, Twitter, and a multitude of other websites designed to connect people with similar interests.

That means that your web presence needs to expand into new areas that allow you to become part of or to initiate the conversation.

Brian Kelly Multimedia creates websites that allow you to host portions of those conversations and produces the video elements to complement and support those conversations.

Why just tell potential clients and customers about your products and services when you can show them what you do? Better yet, why not let them experience what you do through interactive marketing techniques? Creative web design and informational, entertaining video productions are the way to get your message heard. And Brian Kelly Multimedia provides those services to place your company in the public eye, and to keep it there.

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