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At Brian Kelly Multimedia, we offer a full menu of services that can be chosen individually, or in combination to create an effective marketing campaign designed to get you attention, and to be able to adapt as needed to keep that attention

Marketing Consulting/Agency Functions - By providing tracking methods incorporated into the marketing plan, we can help you evaluate your marketing methods such as print, radio, tv, web, email marketing, and social media to gauge what the most effective avenues are for converting leads into sales.

Many people have great business, and advertise many different places, but may not have the ability or time to look at what they are doing and to actually discover which ones are providing the best returns for their money. Others may be putting all their eggs in one basket, and may be missing key opportunities as a result. Our customers' websites and their direct communication with the leads and customers are the best ways to actually find out what is working for them, and apply cost metrics to the results so that they can optimize their investments. By putting in easy to track "markers" for the different marketing methods, we can collect data and provide customer with short term, long term, and seasonal tracking data to determine the best monthly, quarterly, or annual marketing dollar expenditures.

We also provide Agency services to match products up to best media groups based on demographics of those groups (Radio and TV stations, best times for ads to run, best location in print publications for maximum exposure to proper demographic). Many companies buy very low cost TV spots that run in bulk, which sounds good because of the high exposure, but most of the time those ads are seen by viewers that don't fit the proper demographic for the product or service. Would you rather have an ad run 5 times for $5 and have no effect, or have 1 ad run for $25 in a show/spot/time frame that puts your product/service in front of your target demographic, and results in a higher opportunity to convert into a sale? That is where we help by working with you to determine who your customer really is, and work with the TV/Radio/Print group to evaluate your DETAILED reporting to find the best and most cost efficient time to place the ad/spot.

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