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At Brian Kelly Multimedia, we offer a full menu of services that can be chosen individually, or in combination to create an effective marketing campaign designed to get you attention, and to be able to adapt as needed to keep that attention.

Social Media Training and "Jumpstart" - help businesses understand how to use Social Media CORRECTLY for business and help them get started. Facebook,, LinkedIn, Twitter, Foursquare, etc.

Social Media Supplements - Website customers who want to make use of Social Media but feel they don't have time to deal with it can have us pose as their business and post items for them to help them use Social Media without the hassle of remembering to do the things they are supposed to do.

Email Marketing (only available as add-on for web design customers) - Help customers collect, manage, and communicate with customers and potential customers, as well as other needed groups in an informative and visually appealing way, providing tracking and metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of their email campaigns.

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